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Dec 28, 2012 11:00am EST
kardashians, unfortunately. jessica simpson will be pregnant for another 48 months. it's true. it's going to happen. and i think we'll hear a lot more of honey boo-boo this year. >> and they're all making money. >> i would like so have see, gangnam style, stop and stay in 2012. exit sign left, please leave. >> anybody else you want to see ousted from 2013 making sure they don't show up again? >> i would like to see the kardashians out but we know that won't happen. >> you think her and kanye tying knot this year? like there's a rumors of a $100 million wedding. >> i hope they do it on a private island and never come back. >> 94.7 fresh fm tommy mcfly. where do you get him? i love him. much more from him as the week continued. thanks so much for joining us. >> any time, thank you. >>> here's a look at some of the stories keith? >>> here's your stories we're following on news4 this afternoon. doug's tracking the latest storm that's headed our way. what we can expect to see and when. >>> also at 4:00, a bad turn of events for a man trying to rescue his dog that had fallen through thin
Dec 28, 2012 7:00am PST
lush, big eyebrows, just like kim kardashian? her eyebrows are some of the most requested of people wanting eyebrow transplant. we're going to look at the latest extreme beauty treatment. we determined that josh has miley cyrus eyebrows, right? >> who is transplanting an eyebrow? i refuse to believe it. >> we're going to show you this morning how important it is. >> why? because plucking is what? >> plucking was a big trend earlier. >> waxing, plucking. >> if bushy eyebrows are in, transplant. >>> this, by the way, is benny. this is benny. he is adoptable from the new york humane society. he's going to be in the show a little bit later. >> going to get an eyebrow transplant for lassie. >> look how gorgeous. >> look how gorgeous. >>> by the way, take a look at these pictures, folks. what do they tell us? do they show, miley cyrus maybe already married? the new trend is getting secretly married. we'll find out. we'll find out. >>> a new trend here. let's get some news. we turn back to paula now. >> that's not a new trend. we're all about news. we do begin with the 11th-hour scramble t
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)